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Running Straight Ahead

We've had to sneak through alleys in the dead of dark
We've scraped our dinners and slept in the park
We've fought our brothers, we've fought the law
We never covered our eyes to the things we saw

We left our dreams so many years ago
Left them on these streets we know
Traded them in on what we thought was real
Now it doesn't seem like much of a deal
So I'm running
running straight ahead
running straight ahead
running straight ahead

Never had much, but I once had love
Lost that too, when push came to shove
Never thought love was worth fighting for
But I'd die right now, if it would even the score
So I'm running
 running straight ahead
running straight ahead
running straight ahead

I'm running straight ahead and never looking back
I hope what's left behind me will be fading into black
The cheaters in the street and all the liars in the night
have got me running straight ahead
cause I don't want to stand and fight no more

We've lost the battles, we've lost the wars
Half the guys are dead, all the girls are whores
We've lost the future, we've lost the past
I'm getting out now, I'm gonna get out fast
So I'm running
 running straight ahead
running straight ahead
running straight ahead

Glenn Hughes - 4/88

The Story:
One of the more metaphorical songs, I've ever written (no, half the guys aren't dead, and all the girls aren't whores)...

I had been living in California for about a year, and had put some mental distance between myself and the first chapter in my life.

I was thinking about the dreams I had pursued, the dreams I gave up on, and the dreams that had become corrupted along the way.

"Running Straight Ahead" was my way of saying that I wasn't going to get distracted anymore. I was just going to go right after my dreams.

First, though, I had to figure out what those dreams actually were......

The Recording:
This recording of "Running Straight Ahead" was done in 1990, in my bedroom studio (San Jose, California) as part of the "No Easy Answers" sessions.

The Lineup:
Glenn Hughes -
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards,
Bass and Drum Programming

Final Word:
Though I wrote this song with the intention of having a powerful "live" song, I've never had the opportunity to play this on stage.
Maybe someday...