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The Mixing of Cultures
And the Culture of Mixing

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British writer Rudyard Kipling famously wrote,
"East is East, and West is West,
and never the twain shall meet".

Kipling didn't believe it and neither do the people you'll meet in 'Views'.

1 - Welcome to the East/West World
2 - Traveling in the East/West World
3 - Love in the East/West World
4 - Stereotypes in the East/West World
5 - Food in the East/West World

We talk to Westerners who live in the Eastern world, Easterners who live in the Western world, and 'Weasterners' who aren't sure where the lines are drawn anymore (or if the lines even matter).

In this digital world of satellites and the internet, the mixing of cultures is already a hot topic.
But what about the culture of mixing?
Is America's melting pot the answer?
Or Singapore's parallel societies?
Or something in between, like Hawaii (which some call a 'stir-fry')?

We're headed down a relatively unexplored path, and our rate of acceleration is exponential.
The people we talk to in 'Views' are on that path, and will share what they're learning.

Read along as we present different questions.
And different views.