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This Japanese artist did it all, and did it all brilliantly.
Picking between Hokusai and Hiroshige is like picking between Griffey and Bonds.Visit this Ukiyo-e (woodblock prints) site to see why I think he is the King of Ukiyoe.

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Lynn Matsuoka
Dennis Mukai

Christian DePlante
Willem Hofker
For my money, he captured Bali on canvas better than anyone else.

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Patrick Nagel
His style was very much like woodblock. I like the simplicity of line and boldness of color (I promise I won't talk like this very often)
Balinese Painters
They are everywhere, and they are extremely talented. Here's Meja.

Loh Ek Sem


Woodworkers of Thailand and Indonesia
Again, there's an amazing amount of talent in these two countries.  You'll find lots of examples.

Kim Taylor Reece

Herb Ritts
Bob Talbot

Galen Rowell
He is the man in adventure photography. He also has some excellent books and a great video.
Ansel Adams
A legend in black and white landscape photography.

Tom Mangelsen
The man in wildlife photography.
Incredible shots of polar bears, in particular.
He has shops in Los Gatos, La Jolla, Hong Kong, and many other places.  Nice guy, too. 

I was in the La Jolla store, and thought I was talking to a very knowledgable person on staff, but it turned out to be Tom.