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Hardware for East/West Living

Sony DVD
Digitally remastered movies. Letterboxed images. Digital 6 channel surround-sound.
Switchable subtitles and audio tracks. Scene selection.
Room for a movie, trailers, featurettes, and other bonus materials on a cd-sized media.
It's an amazing format. If you haven't seen it, you need to...

HP PhotoSmart Scanner
I'm using this to digitize all the slides that appear on this site.

A truly portable, digital notebook/scheduler/sketchpad. How did I ever live without it?
I was a PalmPilot addict, till mine broke. I replaced it with a Philips Nino. The Nino is a little bigger, but does everything a little better.

Digital video. Digital sound. I never go to an Asian dance or music performance without it. Bali in my living room!

Minolta 9xi
My 35mm camera of choice. I shoot Fujichrome 100 and Ilford XP2 Film, and put my best shots to Kodak PhotoCD.

Digital Cameras
I have a Casio, but you should buy an Olympus. I don't use this much, now that I have my HP Photosmart scanner.

Sony MiniDisc
DVD? Duh! Recordable digital has been around for over two years.

Iomega Zip Drive
Live without one at your own risk.

Mobile Phones / Beepers
Who ever thought we'd be stupid enough to pay for our own tracking devices? I won't waste space to write negative words very often, but I HATE these things!! People carry them for status, but to me, status comes with saying, "I'll choose when and where you can reach me".

Software for East/West Living

The Complete National Geographic
This is what CD-ROM was invented for!  Every issue in the history of National Geographic, searchable, on CD.  A bargain at US$150. My only complaint is that you can't print text only (or at least I haven't figured out how yet).  Now I'm waiting for Outside Magazine on CD-ROM.

Passage to Vietnam
Simply the very best CD-ROM I have ever seen.  It captures Vietnam brilliantly, with photos, text, video, music, and narration.

Power Japanese
An excellent tool for learning Japanese. (Though I never did!).