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Wanderings - Balinese Ceremonies





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Placing an Offering

The Balinese universe is not polar, as in Good vs. Evil.
It is more like a see-saw, with Gods at one end, Demons at the other end, and Humans in the middle.
Balance is the goal. If humans are to remain in balance, then both gods and demons must be satisfied.
This satisfaction, in the form of offerings, dances, and beauty, occupies much of Balinese life.

In the Hindu epic, the Mahabarata, Krisha explains what God expects of an offering.

Whosoever offers to me with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water, that offering of love, of the pure heart I accept.

These are exactly what the Balinese present to their gods, and present with devotion, many times a day.

You can always tell a new arrival to Bali, by how often he/she kicks an offering down the street. I may hold the record.

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A Balinese Priest

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Women at a Cremation Ceremony

Balinese funerals are public cremations, and are also festive events, as the soul is being sent to a better life.

This is not to imply that no one is sad. They are, of course. But they should not show their sadness, or the soul may not wish to leave the earth.

When we're in Bali, we try to see a dance every night.

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A Procession At Puri Tjampuan


This triad is everywhere in the Balinese cosmos. Birth, Life, Death. Villages, Homes, human bodies, Even Bali itself, is arranged to this triad of pure/impure/neutral