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My Dad
My Dad, Sam Hughes, in 1987

On March 25, 1962, shortly after American astronaut John Glenn returned from orbiting the earth, I entered it. I was born that day in Niles, Michigan, USA, to Sam and Mary Lou Hughes, with an irregular heartbeat.

I was named Glenn (as opposed to John), with the middle name of Cash (after James Cash Penney, my family has a history with the J.C. Penney Co.).

The heart problem was corrected by open chest surgery. My mom likes to tell the story how, as the doctor wheeled me away, I looked back and quietly, calmly repeated "ouch, mommy, ouch".

My voice faded down the long hospital corridor, as my parents wondered if they would see me alive again.
The only impact of this event is that the 50+ stitches around my chest have allowed me to convince a few gullible people that I survived a shark attack. The miracles of modern medicine!

The name, however, is still a problem (it's two N's damn it!).

When I was two years old, we left Michigan and moved to Watertown, New York, where I did most of my alleged 'growing up'.

My Mom
Mary Lou, my motorcycle mom, in 1997