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A Wanderers Guide to California

There's a joke about California being like Granola - both are full of fruits and nuts. Like most jokes, there's a lot truth in that.

California is the place that everyone can call home.
From the loggers of Humboldt County, to the joggers
of Marin.
From the freaks of San Francisco, to the geeks of Silicon Valley.
From the lawmakers of Sacramento to the dream makers of L.A.

A population of Hispanic, Indian, Asian, Black, White, Male, Female, In-between, Confused, None of the above, and To Be Determined people.

It's a State, but of what? No one really knows.
That's the cool part.
California's a great place for wandering, and the closet thing I have to a 'home'....

California Dreamin'


Some views of California