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Faces of Guilin, China

There can't be many countries where it's easier to meet people than in China.

Everywhere we went, we were stopped by men, women, boys, and girls who wanted to talk awhile.
Some wanted to make money as guides. Some wanted to take us to art galleries and sell us souvenirs.
But most just wanted to practice English.

This guy, to the left, was selling fruit in the park, but it seemed as though half the men in Guilin were professors.
At least that's what they told me.
Why they were wandering around the streets rather than teaching was a mystery we never solved.

We couldn't walk  for more than five minutes in Guilin without a 'professor' stopping us. We weren't even safe on bikes.

It was great at first. We met some really nice people and had interesting conversations.
By the end of the week, though, we were ready for a little time alone.

One 'professor', commenting on how Angie and I were not in a tour group, said, "It must be romantic traveling as a couple".

I smiled and said, "Well, it would be, but we're not really a couple since there's always a third person with us".

He laughed, until it dawned on him that he was the third person.
He straightened up and said goodbye.

But I'm not complaining. Many people will tell you that the Chinese are not friendly and open.
I've found just the opposite.
It's one of the reasons we keep going back.