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Miao Dancer 

Chinese Performers

In Yangshuo, we were lucky enough to stumble upon a Labor Day celebration.
The event was held in a courtyard, outside of a beautiful old Chinese building.

The show opened with a Lion Dance.
This never fails to capture the attention of the audience, young or old.

There were three lions - dancing, jumping, blinking, running, and rolling on the ground.

After the lions had kicked things off, a group from the local Miao tribe were brought in to perform traditional dances.
These were very earthy and fun

Next was a Chinese Opera performance. 

I can't say that I enjoy the singing and music
that accompanies Chinese Opera, but the visuals always hold my attention.
The costumes are spectacular and the movements have a dramatic flair.

Chinese Opera

A Tibetan Dance 

In Guilin, we also had the opportunity to attend a cultural performance, though this one was held for tourists.

As a result it was much more polished and, of course, less authentic.
Still, it was quite a good show.

There was a sample of about seven dances from different ethnic groups around China.
Our favorite was the Tibetan 'red sleeve' dance.

Besides the dances, there were about three acrobatics segments.
These consisted of a little plate spinning, some balancing tricks, and a kid who was a master of contortion.

I kept thinking that his skills would come in handy on a crowded Japanese subway.

The evening also included a few selection of Chinese classical music, which I'm particularly fond of.

Classical Music