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I moved to Columbus, Ohio in 1984 to attend college at the DeVry Institute of Technology. Once there, I found a job at J.C. Penney's, dove into my schoolwork, and started a band.

Columbus is a youthful, energetic college town.
High Street, which runs through the Ohio State University campus, is a major league bar scene. I was introduced to college radio, the arts, and new foods (I developed an addiction to Greek gyros here).

In Columbus, I also rediscovered photography.

I was very frustrated with my music at the time, for two reasons.

Self Portrait 1986

Tracy Matthews - A college hiking
companion and model.

First, I wasn't enjoying it. In Watertown, I always played with friends. In Columbus, I was playing with musicians. There's a big difference. 
Second, it's painful to hear a song very clearly in your head, but not be able to bring that concept to reality. There are so many links between the idea and the final song. Equipment, talent, communication, four or five other band members.

I find photography much more controllable. If I see an image, and I don't capture it, I can only blame myself. That simplicity and directness appeals to me.

I still write and play music, for my own enjoyment. Most of my creative energy, though, is spent on photography.

I enjoy photographing landscapes, wildlife, and architecture.
My favorite, however, is portraiture. I think that there is no greater challenge to a photographer than the challenge of 'capturing' a person on film. I want people to look at the picture I took, and immediately 'know' the subject (or at least a part of the subject).
I have little need or interest in glamour photography.

Hopefully, when you look at my photos, you see things the way I see them.

I have a lot of great memories of Columbus. Friends that helped me, events that shaped me, lessons that taught me.

us_angie_01.tif (185694 bytes)
Angie at Home - 1986

The pivotal event of my time in Columbus came when I met Angie Elschlager. She is now my wife, and her presence graces much of this web site (as well as my life!).

I graduated in 1987 with a Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. Like everyone else in my class, I threw my cap in the air at graduation time. Unlike many of the others, I was in a U-haul and on my way to the Silicon Valley before the cap hit the ground.