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The Old Lahaina Luau

Let me make a suggestion.

If you ever have to spend a three day holiday in a place where it is going to rain a lot, make sure that one of the three conditions is true:

1 - You're extremely ill, and can't go outdoors. Or

On our trips to Honolulu, it's a given that rain will come and go throughout our stay.
At most destinations, this would be a bad thing, but here, it's just an excuse to look for cultural stimulation.

And in Honolulu, the only difficulty is in the choosing.

You could, for example, sit at the fabulous Halekulani Hotel's 'House without a Key' restaurant.

There, under the banyan tree, you can  listen to the Hiram Olsen Trio play Hawaiian classics, while sipping a Mai Tai. Order the excellent appetizer combo plate, if you're hungry.
But, as wonderful as this may all seem, the best is yet to come. Here, the main attraction is former Miss Hawaii, Kanoe Miller, who dances a graceful hula every night in front of the setting sun. The sun disappears quickly, to the oohs and aahs of the gathering crowd, but Kanoe dances till 8:30. Oh, did I mention that the show is free?

I found the Sheraton Princess....

Traditional Dress

The first time we went to Hawaii, eight years ago, it wasn't easy to find a good hula show. But the dance is in a period of renaissance, it appears.

The numbers of shows has increased.
The number of books published about hula has increased.
And the number of contests, and contestants, is on the rise.