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Malaysian Kampungs

Kampung is the Malaysian word for village.

A typical village consists of a number of wooden stilt houses, a dirt path, a town center, and a mosque.

The houses are on stilts to protect from wildlife and flooding, as well as to provide a cooling breeze.

Rural Scene

Houses were made out of mahogany or teak, before those woods became rare. Today, any wood will do.
The concrete staircase is a later addition, from foreign influence. Malay houses are modular, and grow as needed.

Windows span from ceiling to floor, and the house is of a very open design. The Malay language had no word for 'privacy', and that fact is reflected in the house design.

Walking through kampung is pleasant, with the sounds of birds, and rustling palm trees. Life is simple and quiet. The people there are usually very open. Children will come running out of their homes to greet and talk to you.

In most of Malaysia, it's quite rare to see a modern house.
There are a fair number of modern structures in Kuala Lumpur, but very few elsewhere.

In Southern Malaysia, the Kampung homes are closer to the ground, and more colorful. The people are just as friendly, though.

In Melaka, we visited a city kampung called Kampung Morten.
There, we met a very friendly family named the Sharifas'.

A Melaka House