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You Are Cordially Invited
to witness the historic union

Angela Elschlager
Glenn Hughes

Angie and Glenn will achieve a state of matrimonial bliss on

Saturday, March 27, 1993
10:00 A.M.
Big Basin State Park, Santa Cruz, California

This will be an informal ceremony, at the amphitheater across from the ranger station

in-form-al: 1. not according to prescribed regulations or forms
2. marked by lack of formality
3. of or for ordinary use; casual

So, the ceremony will be short and painless.
Ties, dresses, black shoes, and (most of all) cumber bunds and chiffon gowns are strictly prohibited. As are presents. We are flying to Tokyo, and Japanese customs officials have requested that we take it easy on them.
Also, (for you romantics), we desire nothing more than our love and your friendship.
Oh yeah, and your beer. This is a picnic/party. Immediately following the rite (we love that word, it's so vague), there will be a barbeque. So, you and your fellow attendees should bring your food and drink. Those of you who communicate regularly could even do so together.
We'd love to help, but time is short, and we're blinded by love. No, really.
Also, as ardent environmentalists, we recommend you carpool (parking is five bucks). I'd suggest volunteering to drive, as route 9 is awesome for inducing car sickness in your passengers.
If you don't want to drive, there may still be $32 cabins available. Call Mistix for information.
For directions to Big Basin, you can ask Bill Bengele or any similarly studly, woodsy, outdoors type.

That about covers it.
We really hope you can watch us ex-Vermonters trade cows for vows
as we belatedly tie a knot in the love that is bigger than a redwood tree.

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