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The Wedding

Yes, that really was our wedding invitation.

We had accepted a two-year assignment in Japan, and decided to stop in California to get married on the way.

We chose California, because most of our friends were there, and because Big Basin State Park (full of redwood trees, deer, waterfalls, ferns, and banana slugs) is one of our favorite places on earth.

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The Wedding Dance

So, we were married under the shade of the tallest trees on earth, in the home of the ewoks, in California's oldest state park.

It rained a bit, but a little rain couldn't dampen the beauty of this natural amphitheater.

Our good friend Tony Voltaggio provided us with our wedding song, Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight".
I'm not sure, but it seemed as though the branches swayed with us, as Tony sang....

My brother Steve, better known as Bubba, thoughtfully provided the wedding cake, which suspiciously resembled Hostess Ho-Ho's (right down to the yummy cream filled center).

If this cake ceremony is a first test of trust, Angie and I failed miserably.
If it's a test of humor and wills, we passed with flying colors (the colors of chocolate all over our faces).

As the rain grew stronger, we took the reception to our bridal suite; a cabin in the park.

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Hostess Brand Wedding Cake

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Over the Threshold

Fitting 30 people in this 12 foot by 12 foot, one room structure was interesting. Once in, we fired up the wood stove, and cooked chicken burgers for everyone.

Fittingly, our fun was interrupted by park authorities, who decided that we were violating a number of rules.

As I had said to Angie when I proposed, "You're the only one I want to get arrested with."
Who says romance is dead?

At that point, our friends went home, and we went to Japan.