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East Coast Park

On the weekends that we stayed in Singapore, we usually went to East Coast Park, where the cool breezes can refresh any tired soul.

We would go inline skating or bike riding and then eat lunch at the Hawker Center. We could also do some people watching, or star gazing after a dinner at East Coast Seafood Center.

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I would be derelict in my duties if I didn't mention two words here: Pepper Crab.

A monument should be constructed to honor the person who invented this dish. It's exactly what it says, crab covered in pepper.
It's amazing.
And there's no better place to eat it than at the East Coast Seafood Center, in the night air.

This really is one of the great city parks in all of Asia.

Beaches, restaurants, kayak and wind-surfer rentals, a video arcade, a fishing pond, 14km of bike/blade/walking paths, a little bit of preserved forest area, coconut trees, and even a crocodile farm.

There's something for everyone. And so all the people of Singapore come here.

And that's another of the attractions.

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Because East Coast Park is everything that is good about Singapore - warm tropical air, fresh spicy food, lush greenery, and of course the mandatory cleanliness and order.

But mostly, East Coast Park is the ocean breeze that ignores borders, races, and politics.
It's the breeze that blows across the faces and through the hair of anyone who looks to whisk away the pressures of the week and get to the important things - family, friends, and fun.