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Garden of Eden?

Singapore living, in a nutshell:

Five days a week, this is one of the best cities in the world to live in:

- It's clean and green, and the transportation is excellent.
- Singapore has an intriguing mix of races and cultures. Hindu, Malay, Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Europeans, and more.
- The food is diverse, inexpensive, and mouth-watering.
- The architecture is varied and interesting.
- There are geckos everywhere (geckos are on my 'cool' list).
- It's tropical - pleasant and predictable - great for outdoor dining.
- Everything's in English and/or Chinese. If you can't manage one of these two languages, the odds are that you don't live on Planet Earth (statistically, this is a true statement).
-And you can make great friends here.

On the other two days of the week (Saturday and Sunday, for the calendar impaired), Singapore is one of the best cities in the world to get out of. I mean that in a good way (mostly):

- It is an extremely small island (physically, culturally, and politically).
- Although there are some sightseeing opportunities, after a month, there's nothing that you have not already done (twice).
- It's really easy to plan a getaway.
- By boat, you can get to Bintan Island, Batam Island , and Pulau Ubin within 45 minutes.
- Malaysia is connected by a causeway, and can be reached quickly by car or train.

Outdoor Dining

- The airport is close and efficient (and the home of Singapore Airlines - the very best), so it's easy to get to Indonesia and Thailand.

So, most of the time, we were either leaving Singapore or planning to leave Singapore.

Of course, we didn't leave Singapore every weekend (hey, even God rested once a week).

But that's okay, because Singapore has two of the best 'hang-out' spots in Asia:  East Coast Park, and
Orchard Road.

All in all, Singapore proves that great things can come in small packages!

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