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Singapore's Orchard Road

Orchard Road is one of the best known streets in Asia; along with the Bund, Nathan Road, and the Ginza.
From top to bottom, it's packed with reasons for its' fame. Delicious food, varied shopping, great people watching, lush greenery, and tons of events insure that there's never a dull moment here.

Some highlights:

-Antique  shopping (window or otherwise) at Tanglin Center. It's better than a museum, because you can touch and buy! The stock represents all corners of Asia. We're talking Buddhas, furniture, historical maps, paintings, jewelry, puppets, rugs, and much more...

-Hangouts like the Hard Rock Cafe, and Planet Hollywood.

-Book hunting at the only Borders in Asia (yes, Borders is in Singapore!) and CD shopping at Borders, Tower Records, and HMV.

-People watching, with drinks and sate, at The Crossroads (at Scott and Orchard) sidewalk cafe. It's my favorite people watching spot in Asia.

-The chatter of thousands of Filipino workers converging on Lucky Plaza and the sidewalks. The smiles and laughter remind you that you're in a tropical paradise.

-The Singapore Zoo advertises a Night Safari, but those in the know are convinced that The Real Night Safari  - "come out when the animals do" - happens on Orchard Road after 9pm.
Some pretty wild felines prowl the sidewalks in front of the Hilton hotel, then engage in mating rituals at Orchard Tower and other places. Explore (at your own risk) and find out why Singapore is also known as the Loin City (as opposed to the Lion City)!
Take a seat in front of the Hilton and enjoy...

-Art galleries are becoming more popular throughout Singapore, but the Opera Gallery features some of the best artists around South East Asia. Our favorite is Loh Ek Sem, pictured above.

-Sidewalk cafes are everywhere now, giving you an easy excuse to rest in the tropical heat.

-Oh, did I mention shopping? There's one mall every 17.5 paces (20.3 if you're short). And each mall has about 57 stores (not counting the pay toilets).
Better get started....