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Views - Food in the East/West World 3





Food in the East/West World - Part 3

Back to food...Is there any food you want to eat, that you haven't eaten yet?

Tsuji:    BBQ of cow's heart.

Scott:    I hate to be boring, but I've managed to try just about anything which. I've been tempted by. There might be particular recipes which sound good, but I don't manage to try.

Angie:    Real Italian food, in Italy. The nabe that sumo wrestlers chow on.
I keep considering Fugu - just because.
A 'good' fresh durian. French food in France.

Jetsada:    None

Desmond:    Kangeroo meat

What is the cheapest meal you've ever eaten? The most expensive? Was it worth the difference?

Scott:    In Israel (while a poor student), I had a falafel and coke and newspaper for about 35 cents. In Japan, I had a shabu-shabu for which I did not pay. Both were highlights, but the difference was worth it.

Tsuji:    Instant noodle in the U.S. Only 23 cents. Expensive meals, I would say are not worth it, but maybe the service is good.

Angie:    A large 25 cent bowl of noodle soup off a street cart in Bali. It was even in a glass bowl!
The most expensive was Teppan-yaki in Japan ($150), which sonsisted of an abalone that saw it's fate coming and tried to make a quick escape across the counter.
Both meals were wonderful.

Jetsada:    Fried rice in primary school and Shark fin. Yes, it was worth the difference.

Desmond:    cheapest….. instant noodles… most expensive…deer penis…. Worth the difference? Well, instant noodles sure taste different…. And I’m sure I’ll try instant noodles again.

There is NOT a reward for repeatedly mentioning deer penis, Desmond....
What and where is your favorite restaurant?

Tsuji:    BBQ restaurant in Austin. Every BBQ is good at the restaurant.

Scott:    Only one? Cha Cha Cha (Caribbean) in San Francisco.
Moti (Indian) in Roppongi.
La Fonda de la Madrugada (Mexican) in Harajuku (although I've heard that it has gone downhill).
Andechs (a brew monastery) in Starnberg, South of Munich.
Androuet (a cheese restaurant) in Paris.
La Hacienda (Mexican) in El Paso.

Angie:    No way to say.

Jetsada:    Bua restaurant. Bangkok.

Desmond:    Pasir panjang chilli crabs and KL’s buk tuk tehs stall.

I need to put in my vote for Garlic Jo's in Yokohama, Japan and Doc Chengs' at Raffles Hotel in Singapore.
Meat is a major favorite of mine. If I go too long without it, I get cravings.
Could you be a vegetarian?

Scott:    I tend that way, but I still eat meat. BBQ is just not the same without it.

Tsuji:    No!

Desmond:    Er… and miss out on all those proteins? Nope.

Angie:    Sometimes.

Jetsada:    Could be.

What would be your favorite eating utensil: fork, spoon, knife, chopstick, fingers, or something else?

Jetsada:    1. my girlfriend's hand. 2. fork and spoon.

Angie:    Whatever the moment calls for. Some foods especially scream for chopsticks or fingers.

Desmond:    Anything that is appropriate to the food and surroundings.

Tsuji:    Fork and Chopsticks.

Scott:    A straw.

What are your feelings about raw food?

Jetsada:    Not healthy

Angie:    It can be risky. I don't eat rare meat, I do medium well. I do love sashimi and sushi and get cravings for them. I've gotten sick from eating oysters, though.

Tsuji:    Nothing, I'm used to eating it.

Desmond:    Sushi? yummy

Scott:    You mean, like, vegetables? Fruit? Yeeech!

Final question.
Is durian the nectar of the gods, or unfit for dogs?

Tsuji:    No, it's a $hit tasting ugly fruit.

Angie:    The stench is unfit for man or beast. The juice is cost effective, like it or not. Just one sip can be relived throughout the day.

Jetsada:    Depends on what kind.

Desmond:    Nectar, as long as you don’t get it in my new car.

Scott:    Actually, it is the nectar of the dogs. But it does not beat a really good, true, muenster.

Thanks again everyone. Bon Appetit!!