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Goa Lawah Odalan


The Odalan (or temple festival) is a quintisential Balinese experience.
It's also a frequent one. Every temple has an odalan on its' anniversary, which following the lunar calendar, occurs every 210 days. And there are an estimated 20,000 temples on Bali.
Do the math...

During an odalan, spirits descend from heaven and are entertained for three days with food, prayers, dances, cock fights, and other activities.

This odalan is at Goa Lawah, the Bat Cave. It's the temple that serves the god of the southeast. Offerings here will protect Bali from storms and other dangers that may come from this direction.

As in all religions, prayer is important in Balinese-Hinduism.
Hands pointed up indicates a prayer to the gods. Hands pointed down indicate a prayer to the demons. Hands pointed in the middle indicate a prayer for humans.

I once participated in Balinese prayer, at a remote temple. I messed up this fairly complex ritual, many times.
The Balinese, however, were patient with my

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All the world loves a parade, and Bali is no exception.

There are few sights in the world that are as breathtaking as a procession of Balinese women going to temple. This is the Bali of our dreams.


Pleasing the Gods is a full time job. It doesn't just happen on Sunday. The Balinese sing for their gods, clean for their gods, make beautifyl buildings for their gods. And they dress for the gods, as well.

Lace shirts. Silk belts.
Batik sarongs. Head-dress optional.

Fashion is of no importance to me. Too

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