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Sharks and corals

It rained all of our first day in Oahu, and quite a bit of our other two days.
On most occasions, this would be a bad thing, but in Honolulu, it was just an excuse to look for cultural stimulation.

But I still needed to see some live performances. Fortunately, in Honolulu, the only difficulty is deciding.

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In case you wonder what my dreams look like.....

Best bargain in the Pacific!

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The Banyan Tree Spa.

Or you could sit by poolside at the Sheraton Princess, drinking a 'fire dancer', the hotels' potent specialty, while enjoying the fire of the real dancers.

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Banyan Tree Villa Interior

The rains stopped at night, so we wandered the streets of Waikiki, amazed at the mix of people.
People-watching in Honolulu is world-class. Every race, creed, and color converges here.
Unlike Singapore or California, inter-racial relationships are the norm in Honolulu (not the exception). This is probably because the people here are multi-racial themselves.
In fact, the bloodlines in Hawaii are so mixed, you could argue that masterbation is an inter-racial act.

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A Nail Dance

Dancers at the Hotel.