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The Best Of
East/West Living

Living in the East/West World has exposed me to things I wouldn't otherwise have seen.
Here's a list of some of the jewels I've found:

-Music - updated 8/27
-Hardware & Software
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Websites For
East/West Living

Scotts' Grid - A buddy. Check it out.
Jet-Li.com - The best designed site I've seen.
PlanetExpat - For the Expat in all of us
Bibliofind - Antique Book search


-Know a cool tool? Tell me.

The Monthly
Cool List

cool in august
1. "Angel By Your Side" by Anjani (see music reviews)
2. The Sony DSC-70 3.34 Megapixel Digital Camera - I'm still amazed by this camera!
3. "The Thin Red Line" - a bit pretentious, yes, but pure cinematic poetry.
4. "Friends" on DVD from Europe. We're into season 3. 
5.  High School Reunions! Mine was a blast.
6. Northern New York. Watertown, Alex Bay, Sacketts Harbor, The 1000 Islands - there's too much beauty here.
7. My Sony Vaio PCG-C1XS computer. It makes me proud to be a geek!

cool this year ('00)
1. The Simulcast of the Millennium

cool for a lifetime (or more)
1.  Long Island Iced Teas. Only the best alcoholic concoction in history.
2. The Simpsons. Still cool.
3. Eat a hundred Singapore Pepper Crabs, you won't get sick of them.
4. Cherry Blossoms
5. Guns n Roses' Sweet Child of Mine is as powerful today as it was originally. How many heavy metal songs can make that claim?
6. Balmy ocean breezes.
7. Slack Key guitar and Hula
8. U2's Achtung Baby.
9. Sitting in Bali on a breezy evening, watching beautiful young girls dance the Legong.
10. No Smoking bars/restaurants/flights/people.
11. Angkor Wat
12. Kyoto, Japan
13. Email. A True Enabling Technology. There are not many of those.....