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The Legong Dance

Balinese Dance

Bali without dance would be like basketball without trash talk; worthwhile, but undeniably less interesting.

If you're going to Bali, you must get out of your hotel and see a real dance performance. Hotel shows are a nice introduction, but not a substitute for the real thing.

Ideally, you will be lucky enough to find a temple ceremony that you can attend.

Temple dance performances are sacred and will be performed with an energy that tourist shows can't match. Also, many temple dances are not allowed to be performed in 'non-sacred' situations.
Unfortunately, temple performances do not happen on a schedule.
They happen when the time is right.

So, the next best thing is to see a non-hotel performance.
Ubud is the best place to see these. Many of the troupes around Ubud have traveled the world.

See the Dances
-The Legong
-The Barong
-The Ramayana
-The Kecak
-Other Dances

At the tourist information center, you can ask for a schedule of performances. There are dances every night at the Ubud Palace (Puri Saren Agung), in the center of town.
I recommend these, highly.