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A Wanderers Guide to Hawaii

The epicenter of the East/West world, Hawaii is the one place that physically, mentally and spiritually occupies the hearts and minds of Orientals and Occidentals alike.

The best of both worlds is found here, and the worst of both worlds is found here.
And as an island chain - a bio-geographical oasis - all manifestations of best and worst are multiplied, magnified, and finally mythologized.

Which, along with some pretty good beaches, makes it a great place to wander!

  • Hula - Breezes, Babes, and Drumbeats
  • The Beaches - coming soon
  • A Luau - coming soon
  • Maui - The Sampler Island
  • Kauai - The Garden Isle
  • Waikiki - Hawaii 5-0, Magnum PI, and you
  • The Big Island - Pele lives...

They laugh at all my jokes