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Last of the Mohicans?

Faces of Japanese Women

The petite, demure, white skinned, red lipped Japanese doll is not dead, but she is on the endangered species list.

Today's' Japanese woman is just as likely to be tall, busty (real or not), tan, and aggressive (well, in a Japanese sort of way, we're not talking about Madonna, for crying out loud).

So if you want an authentic Japanese flower, you better hurry. On the other hand, there's a lot to be said for the new Japanese woman.

As we'll see:

For example, there is the 'Bodi-con' girl. 'Bodi-con' is shorthand for Body Conscious. This is the first generation of Japanese women that showed pride in their bodies, and the willingness to display that pride (and body). Tans, short skirts, bleached hair, tall boots, and tight shirts are the norm.

Japanese men are seriously confused by this development. Everybody wants one, but no one wants to be seen with one. And no one quite knows how to get one.

She may look like just another girl in L.A., but this was a major development in Japan. Big boots and big breasts are a both modern developments here.

Of course, Bodi-con girls are just an extreme case.

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Bodi-con Girl

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The more things change...

Most women are not showing off their bodies, just a little more confidence.
Today's' Japanese woman is a little more likely to speak her mind, more likely to look you in the eye, and more likely to decide she doesn't need a man or a child to feel whole.

She is still just as likely though, to be serving tea or performing as a 'demo dolly' (the pretty girls who demonstrate TV's or make ugly cars look more attractive by laying across the hood).
The comparative freedom of Japanese women has not made it to the workplace yet.
In fact, many Japanese women find their best opportunities lie in starting their own businesses. Or in bilking older men out of their extra money. Whatever.

The truth is that Japanese women have never understood why people would think they are weak. 
They control their husbands salary and make all the important financial decisions for the family.
In fact, they make almost all the important decisions.

There are, after all, a dozen types of power, and Japanese women seem to be perfecting the 'by yielding I become stronger' philosophy.