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Wanderings in Southern Africa and India

Angie and I are taking a two month trip through Southern Africa and India, starting in late October.
I've created this template, which I hope to update fairly regularly from the road. 
If I can't, it will at least serve as a rough itinerary for those who wonder where we are.

Oct 22 - Yokohama, The Packing List
Well, I just spent the weekend packing for the big trip.
In case you're wondering, here's the packing list:

Pants (3 pair)
Shirts (6)  
Shorts (3 pair)  
Swim Trunks (2 pair)  
Walking Shoes (1 pair)  
Sandals (1 pair)  
Minolta 35mm Camera    
Minolta 28mm Lens    
Minolta 35mm-105mm lens    
Minolta 100mm-300mm Lens    
Minolta Camera Flash    
Slik Camera Tripod    
120 rolls of Fujichrome Color Slide Film  
20 rolls of Ilford Black and White Print Film    
Sony Digital Camera    
Sony Vaio Computer    
Zip Drive    
Floppy Drive    
Malaria Pills  
Electric Razor  
Suntan Lotion  
S Africa Guidebooks (3)  
India Guidebooks (4)  
Extream Orinoco Water Filter  

These items will fit into three bags. 
One is a carry-on pull cart for clothes and toiletries. 
The second is a Tamrac Camera Backpack. 
I am also packing a day pack to use in cities, and to carry souvenirs back.

The third bag is a 'refill' bag that will be left behind in Singapore. It will have all the India items (film, malaria pills, guidebooks, toiletry refills, etc). When we pass through Singapore at the beginning of December, I will drop off the used film, guidebooks and souvenirs, and pick up the India supplies.
When we pass through Singapore at New Year's, we'll pick up everything and bring it back to Japan.

Oct 28 - Fly from Narita, Japan to Singapore
We'll start the trip by flying into Singapore, which will be our 'hub' for this trip.
We're each packing two suitcases - one for Africa, one for India.
We'll be leaving the India luggage here obviously, while we head to Africa.
I'm sure we'll also find time for a dinner at Doc Cheng's and a Malaysian lunch, as well.

Oct 29 - Singapore
A day for catching up with two of the greatest people I know.
We're planning to have lunch with Nicole, and dinner with Jodi.

Oct 30 - Fly from Singapore to Cape Town, South Africa
Our plans in Cape Town include driving the Cape, touring the Winelands, meeting with our friend C.J., seeing Kirstenboch Gardens, and hiking around Table Mountain.

Oct 31 - Cape Town, South Africa
Nov 1 - Cape Town, South Africa
Nov 2 - Cape Town, South Africa
Nov 3 - Cape Town, South Africa
Nov 4 - Cape Town, South Africa
Nov 5 - Cape Town, South Africa
Nov 6 - Cape Town, South Africa
Nov 7 - fly from Cape Town, South Africa to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Today, we'll fly through Johannesburg and on to Victoria Falls. Our plans here include the falls, obviously. We'll also take a safari into Botswana.

Nov 8 - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Nov 9 - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Nov 10 - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Nov 11 - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Nov 12 - fly from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to Johannesburg, South Africa
We fly back to South Africa, and pick up a car in Johannesburg.

Nov 13 - drive to Hazyview, South Africa
We'll drive to Hazyview and spend a couple days checking out the Gorge.

Nov 14 - Hazyview, South Africa
Nov 15 - drive to Kruger National Park, South Africa
Today we'll drive into Kruger National Park, the centerpiece of our trip. 
We'll spend almost a week here, at a couple of private reserves. The plan calls for safari after safari after safari. 
Photos, sunsets, game dinners, the call of the wild, etc and so on....

Nov 16 - Kruger National Park, South Africa
Nov 17 - Kruger National Park, South Africa
Nov 18 - Kruger National Park, South Africa
Nov 19 - Kruger National Park, South Africa
Nov 20 - Kruger National Park, South Africa
Nov 21 - Kruger National Park, South Africa
Nov 22 - drive to Nelspruit, South Africa
We're now headed to Zululand, but it's a long trip, so we'll break it up in Nelspruit.

Nov 23 - drive to Pongola, South Africa
Continuing our drive, we'll move on to Pongola.

Nov 24 - drive to Phinda Resource Reserve, South Africa
We'll spent some time in Phinda Resource Reserve, a park that contains seven distinct ecosystems. This allows for some highly regarded wildlife viewing.

Nov 25 - Phinda Resource Reserve, South Africa
Nov 26 - Phinda Resource Reserve, South Africa
Nov 27 - drive to Simunye, South Africa
Simunye is a Zulu 'cultural experience'. I'm always leery of these types of things, but this one comes highly rated. We'll spend the night here and get an introduction to the history of the Zulu's.

Nov 28 - drive to Durbin, South Africa
Now on to the beachside city of Durbin. Sun, sand, and last minute shopping.

Nov 29 - drive to Johannesburg, South Africa
We'll drive back to Johannesburg and relax before the big flight.

Nov 30 - fly from Johannesburg, South Africa to Singapore
Thank god we're in business class!

Dec 1 - Singapore
In Singapore, we'll swap to our India luggage, restock critical supplies, and grab some Pepper Crab!

Dec 2 - Singapore
Dec 3 - Fly from Singapore to Delhi, India
Our first stop is Delhi. We'll tour the Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Jama Masjid and many of the shopping streets. I'll also be looking for any performances of Indian music or dance.

Dec 4 - Delhi
Dec 5 - Delhi
Dec 6 - to Agra
Today, we hire a ride to The Taj Mahal! We'll also visit Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.

Dec 7 - Agra
Dec 8 - Agra
Dec 9 - Agra
Dec 10 - to Jaipur
We'll hire a ride to Jaipur today, via Deeg and Alwar. In Jaipur, there's almost too much to see, but we'll try. 
Palaces, forts, temples, markets and more...

Dec 11 - Jaipur
Dec 12 - Jaipur
Dec 13 - Jaipur
Dec 14 - Jaipur
Dec 15 - Fly from Jaipur, India to Udaipur, India
I'm thinking we'll see some forts, palaces, temples, and markets in Udaipur.

Dec 16 - Udaipur
Dec 17 - Udaipur
Dec 18 - Udaipur
Dec 19 - Fly from Udaipur, India to Jodhpur, India
In Jodhpur, we'll focus on markets, forts, temples, and palaces.

Dec 20 - Jodhpur
Dec 21 - Jodhpur
Dec 22 - Jodhpur
Dec 23 - Fly from Jodhpur, India to Delhi, India
Back to Delhi to prepare for some sort of Christmas celebration.
I don't know what we'll do, but there may be mistletoe involved.

Dec 24 - Delhi
Dec 25 - Delhi
Ho, ho, ho.

Dec 26  - Fly from Delhi, India to Singapore
Tonight, we return to Singapore on a red-eye flight.

Dec 27 - Ferry from Singapore to Bintan Island, Indonesia
And then we take the first ferry to Bintan, where we plan to frolic. 
If anyone knows what that means, let me know. Please.

Dec 28 - Bintan Island, Indonesia
Dec 29 - Bintan Island, Indonesia
Dec 30 - Ferry from Bintan Island, Indonesia to Singapore
Perilously close to our frolic limit, we'll return to the siren song of the Lion City.
Food, friends, shopping. And the coming of the New Year.

Dec 31 - Singapore
Jan 1 - Singapore
The 'other' Millennium celebration.

Jan 2 - Fly from Singapore to Narita, Japan
And then it's back to the land of the rising sun.

Jan 3 - Yokohama, Japan
Unpacking, unpacking, and unpacking.

Jan 4 - Yokohama, Japan
Back to work!
Too bad it's just a one day work week....