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The Wanderers' Guide to Thailand

My favorite people in the world.
Gentle, fun, funny (yes - there is a difference), beautiful, and kind; from the common people to the King himself, the Thai are extraordinary.
If there was nothing in Thailand but Thai people, the country would be worth visiting.

Add stunning architecture, the zippiest cuisine I know of, beautiful landscapes, and a millennia or so of great culture; and you've got a country you can learn to love.

Not that it's always easy. On our first trip to Bangkok, we found pollution, heat, noise, and scam artists. We were ready to go home after two days.
Fortunately, Chiang Mai showed us the other side of Thailand, and we gave Bangkok a second chance.

Since then, I've made many more trips to Bangkok, and I've found a lot of reasons to become a fan of the 'City of the Angels' (yes, L.A. and Bangkok have more than pollution, traffic, and beautiful women in common).

Take a look at the wonders of Thailand:

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Sawadee Kha

-Dancers of Thailand
-Secrets of Bangkok
-People of Bangkok
-Chiang Mai

-Drifting in Phuket
-New Year in Thailand
-Temples of Thailand