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Food in the East/West World - Part 2

My most memorable meals are almost always with good company. Who is your ideal dinner companion?

Scott:    Someone who makes me squirt milk out my nose

Desmond:    Haven’t found one yet…

Angie:    Anyone I like who loves good food and enjoys eating it. Of course, companionship and table manners count!

Tsuji:    My glass of water gets about a half, bring to refuel soon. When we call to order something, she or he comes up soon.

Jetsada:   My Girlfriend.

What would be your favorite cuisine?

Angie:    Impossible to answer. japanese, italian, mexican, Pan Pacific, Thai....
I have some less favorites.

Tsuji:    BBQ, Japanese food, Korean BBQ, Texmex.

Scott:    Spicy. Hot. Karai. Scharf. Picoso. But, I imagine that this is not a surprise.

Jetsada:    Thai.

Desmond:    Anything that doesn’t need peptol bismol.

Time to make some choices. If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

Jetsada:    Tod-Mun (Thai fish cake)

Angie:    A big buffet consisting of Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Pan Pacific and Thai. Also, some of my mothers' cooking and a couple dishes of my own.

Desmond:    Hmm.. does it matter?

Tsuji:    It would be something cooked by my wife or girlfriend.

Scott:   1000-year old egg. Laid tomorrow.

And f you had to eat the same food everyday of the rest of your life, what would it be?

Desmond:    Ugh…. It would be boring.

Scott:   Avocados. Habaneros. Twinkies.

Jetsada:    Tod-Mun

Angie:    It would have to be pizza.

Tsuji:    Chicken soft taco, TACO BELL.

Tell me about the  most unusual food you've ever eaten. Did you like it?

Tsuji:    Cow's womb. I liked it very much. Only few Korean BBQ restaurant serves it. It's very good with beer.

Angie:    Maybe snake in Vietnam. Tasted like chicken....
Didn't thrill me - a bit tough.
Or raw horsemeat in Japan. Unusual for me as I never eat rare meat. I liked it. Tender and Tasty!

Scott:    Marinated tapeworms. I'm not sure that I liked it, but I do enjoy telling the story.

Jetsada:    Raw prawn. Yes, I liked it.

Desmond:    Hahaha….. deer penis… at least that’s what they said it was…. Yuck..

What's the worst tasting food you've ever eaten?

Angie:    Natto. A strange Japanese bean dish that's about as putrid as any food gets.

Desmond:    Deer penis

Scott:    An unidentified spice in Indian cuisine which immediately hit the bleaaah nerve.

Jetsada:    A kind of indian food. I don't remember the name.

Tsuji:    Japanese pickles, it's pickled with fermented rice. It tasted like $hit. You may know of Japanese rotted and dried fish called KUSAYA. It smells like human's $hit and taste like $hit too.
Actually, I've never eaten $hit.

I'm glad you pointed that out. I was starting to wonder.
So, other than shit, what will you not eat?

Tsuji:    KUSAYA.

Scott:    Fish, seafood, rocks.

Jetsada:    Dog.

Desmond:    Deer penis.. no ever, anyways.

Angie:    Bugs (though I have licked an ant's abdomen) or anything still moving.

Licked an Ant? Did he laugh? Or moan with pleasure?
Nevermind, we'll save that story for 'Fetishes in the East/West World'.