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The Wanderer's Guide to Bali

Bali is unlike any other place.
It is the home of the most 'whole' culture I have ever seen. Everything is inter-linked and inter-related.

Life, death, man, woman, child, god, demon, music, dance, earth, sea, work, play, nature, art, craft, architecture, everything, are all as one.

The most sacred occasions carry a touch of joy, and the most joyful occasions carry a touch of the sacred.

Everything is significant, so nothing is more important than anything else.

To go there once, with your eyes open, is to see a way of life that is rare.  Sadly rare.

Balinese Views
This is a land of exceptional beauty, both natural and man-made.

Balinese Ceremonies
Every moment of every day in Bali is spent in pleasing the gods.
Think about that. What if everything that you do were to be judged by your god?

Not just the bad stuff, but also the good stuff, and the seemingly trivial stuff.

Balinese Art and Architecture
Temples. Houses. Gardens. Palaces. Stone Carving.
Wood Carving. Painting. Textiles. Puppets.
A culture deep in religion and with an efficient agricultural system has both the time and inspiration for creative expression.

Balinese Dance
I've saved the best for last.
Take a tour through a world of mythical creatures, glamorous women, brave heroes, and the ever-popular life and death struggle between good and evil.

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