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A Wanderers Guide to Singapore

Singapore is rightfully known as The Crossroads of Asia - a
meeting place of Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Hindu, Thai, and Western cultures.

Singapore is also known as The Lion City, Easy Asia, China with Trash Pickup, or - in the words of William Gibson - Disney Land with the Death Penalty.

My first visit to Singapore was in January 1996, with my friend Jim Robertson, on a recruiting trip.

Jim is pictured here with a handful of Singaporean Culture:
A cheongsam-clad Chinese waitress, with Singapore Slings served in the symbol of Singapore - the Merlion.

I liked Singapore so much, that  in October 1996, Angie and I moved there, on a two year contract.

A Handful of Culture

Looks Nice?

Here's my look at life in Singapore:

And getting out of Singapore: